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In 2009, Futurismo developed a partnership with Aurora Social, a nonprofit Private Social Solidarity Institution targeted to people with special needs. Founded in April 1994, this institution promotes personal, social and professional development required for employment opportunities, as well as rehabilitation and increased value for people with special needs in the community. Futurismo works with small groups of young adults, giving them the opportunity to join us aboard our whale watching trips throughout the year. During the wintertime, the participants produce handicrafts under the guidance and orientation of specialist rehabilitation monitors. These handicrafts are inspired by their whale watching tours with Futurismo and are sold in our shops. The value earned from the sale of these products is returned to fund the activities of the association.

If you would like to know more about our work with the local community, please visit our website explaining how Futurismo is committed to sustainability and social actions.

In addition to work with local communities, Futurismo also gives importance to the youngest ones. Children represent the future of our planet, it is really vital to educate and make them aware of our environmental challenges today. They have to connect with nature while they are young to keep this special relationship later on and educate their own child. For this reason, Futurismo is going to some schools around São Miguel island to introduce more specifically the marine world.