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At Futurismo, one of our main goals is to raise eco-awareness among the young ones, in the hope to contribute to a greener future. We love passing our commitment to sustainability to the next generation. Learn more about how we do so.

Not only an adventure company!

Futurismo is not just a company offering amazing outdoor experiences, we are also dedicated to make our planet greener. One way of doing it is to raise awareness among our guests, while on tour. Yes, it is possible to have fun and learn interesting scientific facts to become more sensible about our beautiful surrounding nature. At sea or on land, we will always try our best to respect nature.

Watch whales and know more about their role

Before every tour at sea, our marine biologist team will give a briefing to everyone, talking about the history of whale watching in the Azores, but also about science and how we aim to respect the animals and their environment.

During the tours on the ocean, the qualified marine biologists will give you more information about the cetacean species we will see, to get you more familiar with them and be able to recognize them. You will understand that every single specimen in the ocean is crucial to the balance of ecosystems on our planet.

When we see litter on the ocean, and when possible, we will take it with us. We already found a fridge, a helmet, fishing nets, and so many other items! And it is good for children especially to see that picking up trash is important.

Walk with us for a sustainable future

On land, our expert guides will always take care of respecting nature. When we spot litter on the trails, we will always try to remove it. In the Azores, we are blessed with amazing landscapes, let’s not allow litter to ruin it. We want to preserve the green of our mountains, and the blue of our ocean.

We have a “Take nothing but pictures, Leave nothing but footprints" philosophy and want to spread it to our dear guests.

Know more about our commitment to sustainability

Giving importance to nature

Emphasizing the significance of nature begins at an early age. Schools around the world need to develop activities for kids and teenagers based on environmental education. We all need to understand and reconnect with Mother Nature, for the health of our society. Because after all, nature is not only needed for our existence, but it also has an important role in our well-being. 

We, at Futurismo, believe that it is important to educate the next generations about our wonderful yet fragile environment, in order to sustain it the best we can. They are the ones who can take over saving our planet, so we should help them to understand how we can all adopt a greener lifestyle and contribute to our Earth's health.

Children are the future

Our staff goes to children directly and talk to them, in their classroom for fun scientific presentations. But that is not all! We also take them with us on sea trips to get from the theory to the practice. We also organize clean-ups together to remove litter from beaches and other natural settings. We love sharing our passion for sustainability with the next generations, and we think they like it too! It is never too early to learn new practices to help the environment on a daily basis. Thanks to our school program, we want to implement environmental education within the curricular program. The goal is to develop pedagogical and fun tools that awake curiosity, environmental awareness, and teamwork spirit in these children.

But everyone is concerned

From local primary schools to national universities, Futurismo is committed to raising awareness among people of all ages. We are also present at international conventions and congresses, giving presentations and meeting famous researchers. Lately, we also joined the University of Evora to create the Atlas of Mammals of Portugal! 

Our staff at Futurismo is multicultural, that is luck. We have received guides, biologists, and office workers from all over the world. That allows us to have a wider view of how we can participate in creating a greener world.

Learn more about Futurismo’s presence in international events.

Our Educational Events

All along the year, Futurismo celebrates international events related to the environment, such as World Whale Day, World Water Day, … Those occasions are an opportunity for children to discover fun interactive and scientific activities. For instance, they learn more about the profession of a marine biologist, how we operate the tours, a lot of fun facts about animals, and most of the time they get to participate in a boat tour. If you want to know when is our next event, follow our Facebook page. 

See all our educational events

Meaningful partnerships

Joining forces with significant associations in charge of protecting the environment is essential for us. Our ecosystems need us to be strong together in order to save it. One of them is the project Life Priolo, helping to preserve the Azorean Bullfinch (Pyrrhula murina). This bird only lives in a small part of São Miguel Island, it is one of the rarest birds in all Europe. 

Some years ago, it was almost extinct, but thanks to Life Priolo and the help of partners such as Futurismo, its conservation status is better, due to the restoration of native plants, where they feed.

As the leader in sustainable tourism in the Azores, we have to support these efforts for a healthier planet. 

Join Futurismo on many great adventures and help us keep our islands as beautiful as they are now, and make them keep their lush nature.

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