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Inside a lava cave in Pico


Pico island Buchen
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Inside a lava cave in Pico

Van Tour – Pico Island Lava Cave

Pico island

Underneath the island lies another underground world that crosses its interior and exhibits the evidence of an earthy, violent past, as scars that can be visited.

These landscapes, however, also mark the surface of the earth with admirable features, impossible to be found in any other area.

As Plato’s Allegory of the Cave, descend to this cave in our company:

Be astonished by the unexpected beauty found in the underground, in the uninhabited depths, and by its miracles that demonstrate the intense, eternal activity of the earth under our feet, while we move at the surface, ignoring it…

  • Schwierigkeit Einfach
  • Sprachen Englisch, Portugiesisch
  • Tour starts Lajes do Pico
  • Jahreszeit Hochsaison
  • Dauer 3H 30M
  • Beinhaltet

    • Zertifizierter Führer
    • Entrance & equipment to Gruta das Torres
    • Versicherung (Unfall und Haftpflicht)

    Die Erfahrung

    The fog clears and voilà, we can glimpse Lagoa do Capitão in a wonderful setting of green tones.

    In the Azores archipelago don’t worry about the cloudy weather. If suddenly there are clouds, most days, they quickly fade and the sun shines again in some part of the island!

    On this tour we will also take you to the largest lava tunnel in Portugal. Did you know that more than 130 lava caves have been discovered on the island?

    At Gruta das Torres, observe the various types of lava and geological formations such as lava stalactites and stalagmites. It is particularly interesting because it is practically in its natural state.

    • Lajes do Pico

      – Starting our tour in Lajes do Pico, we will drive up to the highland of the island. There, one of Pico’s most beautiful lakes lies: Lagoa do Capitão.

    • Lagoa do Capitão

      – We can enjoy an excellent panorama of the stratovolcano Pico with the lake in the foreground.

      – On the other side, contemplate the wide view of the neighbor island São Jorge and the blue ocean. In the surrounding area, there are still patches of endemic vegetation.

      – At Lagoa do Capitão, there is especially a high presence of Azoren Juniper (Juniperus Brevifolia). Nowadays, a vulnerable species.

    • Pico mountain

      – Then, passing the majestic Pico mountain, we will continue in the direction of Madalena.

    • Gruta das Torres

      – When we arrive at Gruta das Torres, we will get our equipment for the upcoming underground adventure with a helmet and flashlights.

      – During the guided tour of approximately 1 hour, we will visit around 500m of the total 5,150m long lava tube.

      – The tube extends from Cabeço Bravo towards Criação Velha lava fields. Along the cavity, we will discover rare and valuable bacteria, as well as interesting formations. Namely, ropy lava, stalactites and stalagmites, side benches, and lava balls.

    • Back home

      – Back at the surface, we return to Lajes do Pico, where we will discover more about the island’s geology.


    Rua dos Baleeiros, nº5, 9930-143, Lajes do Pico


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  • Plane dein Van Tour – Pico Island Lava Cave

    Was zu bringen?

    • Wanderschuhe
    • Comfortable light clothes
    • Sweater, raincoat
    • Sunscreen, hat and backpack
    • Water and snacks

    Wichtige Info

    • You can book for fewer people. If the minimum is not met on that daym tou can reschedule, assume the full value of the experience (3 people) or cancel at least 48 hours beforehand
    • To visit the lava tube you should be comfortable to walk n an irregular rocky ground in an ambient with little light
    • Even though the cave has enough space to walk mostly upright, it might be a resriction for claustrophobic persons
    • Please note that, for security reasons, they do not allow the entrance in flip flops

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    Can I take my camera with me during this activity?

    Yes, but be aware that your material will be under your responsability.

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    Ja, Sie können unsere detaillierten Stornierungs- und Rückerstattungsrichtlinien pro Tour auf jeder Tourseite im Abschnitt „Gut zu wissen“ einsehen

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