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Mount Pico

Pico Mountain is the third highest volcano of the North Atlantic. It is quite impressive to see this huge mount rising up from the ocean. Climbing Mount Pico is the ultimate Azorean challenge. It is quite physical, but the views are worth the effort.

About Mount Pico

There is no more poetic place in the Azores than this magnificent volcano. At the summit, the four other islands of the Azorean central group are revealing themselves on bright days. Above the clouds, it is a dreamy scenery to observe the sun rising from the infinite ocean and setting, leaving all of us in the dark, alone with the stars. 

Despite temperatures in Pico island are reasonable, you can see snow on rare occasions at the top of the mountain. A unique landscape in the Azores.

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Nature & Geology

Adventurous people, Pico Mountain is your perfect natural playground. At any time, we recommend going with a professional guide. You can book this once-in-a-lifetime experience with us, our guides know the mountain like the back of their hand.

It is quite a physical challenge to climb Mount Pico, but the promise of a spectacular view at 2,351m above sea level is worth every step. This is the ultimate Azorean experience for outdoor adventure lovers.

Experiences and Tips

What a fantastic experience it is to climb the highest mountain in Portugal. There are three options for unique experiences: you can go up and down during the day, you can climb early in the morning to reach the top for the sunrise or it is also possible to spend the night on the summit in a tent. This unique camping night in the crater is ideal for stargazing and observing both natural spectacles that are sunsets and sunrises.

This kind of moment when you reach the top will stay in your dearest memories forever. Challenge your mind and your body in this singular adventure at 2,351m. On the way, you will find geological and natural wonders such as small craters, fumaroles, and of course, views over the central islands.

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  • Tours in Pico Mountain Climbing with Overnight Stay

    Things you must see in Mount Pico

    Plane dein trip to Mount Pico

    How to get to Pico Island?

    You can get to Pico Island by sea and air. Atlântico Line ferries offer several daily connections to other islands of the Azores archipelago (most of them with the „neighbor“ islands of Faial and São Jorge – especially during the summer months).

    By air, Sata/Azores Airlines and TAP Portugal offer regular direct flights to Pico with prices varying a lot in-between seasons.

    What to do in Pico Island?

    As you may have already understood, Pico Island is full of beautiful places to explore and an extraordinary cultural patrimony to be discovered.

    We offer a great number of experiences (cultural or adventures) on Pico Island that should not be missed. Have a look and get in touch with us by chat, email, or phone if you need some kind of help on deciding what to do first.

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