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About Canyoning

Eine andere und spannende Art und Weise die entferntesten und am wenigsten erforschten Orte auf der Insel zu erreichen. Von Strömen durch endemische Wälder, über Felsen die die Küste bilden, kommen Sie zum Springen, rutschen, klettern und abseilen. Dies ist eine dieser Aktivitäten, die sicherlich die Reisenden begeistern wird die starken Nervenkitzel suchen.

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    The Basics

    Is Canyoning dangerous?

    No, our guides will be with you. We make sure every security aspect is covered.

    What is Canyoning?

    Canyoning is traversing a canyon or gorge. It includes hiking, climbing, swiming and rappelling. You will discover areas out of the beaten track, surrounded by natural landscapes.

    What is the best season to do Canyoning tours in the Azores?

    During wintertime, there is more water in the rivers, which means more fun. The temperatures in the island are always nice, that is why we can do this activity all year round.

    What makes the Azores a good canyoning destination?

    On the island, there is a mystic atmosphere in a lush green forest, with waterfalls of crystal clear water from the mountain. A unique experience for adrenaline lovers.

    Die Erfahrung

    Plane dein Canyoning tour

    Do I need to know how to swim in order to book this tour?

    It is not mandatory to know how to swim but it is recommended. Please tell your guide if you do not know how to swim so the tour can be adjusted.

    Can I take my camera with me during this activity?

    Your equipment will be under your responsibility, but photos and videos are already included in this activity.

    What to wear on a Canyoning tour?

    Please wear a swimsuit on. You can also bring a lycra shirt / rash vest to use as a first layer. Please use a hairband if applicable.

    I have never done canyoning before, is it a problem?

    No,it is not a problem. The guides are here to help you.

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    F.A.Q. about Canyoning

    Are there any pickup and drop off locations I can use?

    Yes, please check the Departure and Return section presented on every tour.

    Can I take my glasses with me?

    You can bring your glasses, but make sure to bring a strap to attach it. We have some, but not many. The same for sunglasses. If you can, please bring contact lenses instead of glasses.

    Do I have to wear the life jacket even if I know how to swim?

    Yes, life jackets are mandatory for everyone for safety reasons.

    Kann ich meine Tourreservierung stornieren und eine vollständige Rückerstattung erhalten?

    Ja, Sie können unsere detaillierten Stornierungs- und Rückerstattungsrichtlinien pro Tour auf jeder Tourseite im Abschnitt „Gut zu wissen“ einsehen

    Do I need to be in a good physical condition for this tour?

    This activity is suitable for everyone with a normal health/medical and physical condition.

    How can I book this activity?

    You can select any tour within our website and get your booking confirmation on your email immediately. Alternativelly, you can visit us on our shops or get in touch with us by phone, email or send us a message on social media (Instagram and Facebook)

    I have lower back problems but I would like to do this tour. Is it recommended for me?

    We don’t recommend this activity for people with back problems.

    What is the minimum number of participants?

    Please check the minimum number of participant for each tour inside the program’s page.

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