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10% Off on the 2nd Tour

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Futurismo’s Marine Biologists

It has been more than 11 years since Futurismo’s marine biologists collect data about cetaceans that they sight during the tours. This data of thousands of records from more than 20 different cetacean species has to be analyzed, and now is the perfect time to do so as we are all working from home. Among the data, there is for example the date, location, species and behavior of a group of whales or dolphins. This is all possible thanks to the GPS we take with us on tours to the ocean.

The second most important thing about investigation works is definitely photo- identification. The pictures we take during our trips are not only for memories on social media, it has a scientific purpose. We identify individuals, whales and dolphins, thanks to the marks and patterns they have on their tails and fins. This is significant to keep up with our catalogs of species, as nowadays we have identified more than 400 different sperm whales in 15 years, for instance.

So, biologists are taking advantage of this working from home time to deepen their research (at the moment we count with more than 14.000 sightings of 22 different species!) and continue their studies. Some of them are currently doing Master and PhD thesis, and we truly hope that this time at home can help them keep up with their good work.

Futurismo’s Certified Nature Guides

It can be hard imagining our adventurous nature guides hiking in their own garden, right? But they are a very important part of our company, and also had to improvise in these weird times to benefit Futurismo’s project.

Futurismo is a big family. That is why some of our land guides decided to join hands with our marine biologists to help them with their big amount of investigation work, organizing the pictures for the photo-identification by species, and keeping in touch between them through professional online chat tools.

Some of our guides also decided to take advantage of staying home to learn a new language, as we are having more and more nationalities visiting the Azores every year. It is important for us to have multilingual guides who can understand, speak and sympathize with our dear visitors from all over the world.

Besides enriching their linguistic, cultural and geological knowledge, they are also updating all the information about out land tours, checking all the details to offer the best possible services to our guests. It is important to do so because we truly want to show the best places around to the Azores lovers, so that they fall in love with the archipelago and are tempted to come visit us back.

Now, let’s talk about the ones you never see or hear about, but are a pillar of the company.

Futurismo’s Marketing Team

For the Marketing team, working on the computer all day long, things did not change as much as for the previous departments of the company. We do have to change our perception of the world and adapt our online communication to this situation. We cannot keep on posting the same kind of content on social media, as it would not be appropriate to the current world we live in.

But we love thinking of new ways to reach our followers, and always have creativity as our priority. We are in constant search for inspiration and we try hard to give you the best content, to show you interesting facts about whales and dolphins our about the Azores, and stay positive. We have to show the world that we are stronger than this and that life will go back to normal soon.

Positivity is definitely the key. We are currently working on videos, shots and pictures taken before all this, posts for our different social media accounts, in order to put a smile on your face.

Among other missions, we constantly update content to offer the best services and we will also have a special surprise coming soon, about our site … Stay tuned!

Futurismo’s Group Incoming Team

As you probably know, several people who planned to travel to the Azores decided to postpone their trip. This is the right decision. We don’t want our future visitors to cancel and give up on the Azores, so postponing is the thing to do. Remember that the Azores will still be here after this sad episode of the pandemic; with its beautiful waterfalls, black-sand beaches, wild volcanoes, and quiet lakes.

So our Incoming team is mostly trying to reorganize the travels of our guests for happier times and rearrange everything for them in order to have the best holidays in the Azores.

In addition to the rescheduling part, in the future, together with the guides and the biologists, they will seek to know what improvements can be made to the groups that come every year to be able to offer always better services to the operators and thus.

Futurismo’s Executive and Administrative Team

The administration and executive parts of our company are trying to look forward and anticipate the future challenges of this episode. In this context, they are working hard at home to think, improve and create. They are focused on internal processes, products and communication channels.

This is the ideal time to « clean the house » of Futurismo Azores Adventures so that we can offer our best to our dear guests and partners. To everyone from everywhere in the world, we hope you stay safe until this is all over. We hope to see you soon in the welcoming Azores islands.

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