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Poço Azul: The famous Blue Lagoon of the Azores

Blog » Travel » Poço Azul: The famous Blue Lagoon of the Azores

Poço Azul is one of the most researched points of interest in the green island of São Miguel, Azores. Why? Well, for a simple reason. As you can guess, its name means ‘the blue well’, and once you get there, you will be transported to a magical scenery straight out of a fairy tale surrounded by unique natural beauty. Let’s learn more about this amazing spot.

What is Poço Azul

Welcome to the wonderland of the Azores. Poço Azul is a very good start to your trip to São Miguel. This hidden gem will show you the singular beauty that is trapped in remote locations of the island.

@a9bla | The beautiful Poço Azul
@a9bla | The beautiful Poço Azul

Walking to Poço Azul is like entering another world. This clear-blue-water lagoon and its famous cave is a special landmark in São Miguel. There is even a waterfall. What a great way to begin the day in the Azores.

History & Geography 

Poço Azul is located in Achadinha, county of Nordeste on the Northeastern part of São Miguel island.

The town of Achadinha lives mainly off agriculture (potato and corn for feeding the cattle) and milk production. From the 1950s to the 80s, Achadinha suffered a lot from emigration, mainly to the US and Canada. 

In order to go to Poço Azul, you will pass by the Historical Standard of Alminhas, built in 1957. This monument symbolizes the liberal forces from Terceira disembarking in São Miguel in August 1831, during the Portuguese Civil War. 

🛈 Did you know | It was in this very village of Achadinha that the troops came during the final attack against the last Miguelist (supporter of the legitimacy of king Miguel I of Portugal) in the Azores.

Culture & Festivities 

In August in Achadinha, there is the religious festival of Nossa Senhora do Rosário. From processions to masses, sharing soups and drinks while listening to live music, it is a great time to visit this little town where Poço Azul is located.

@nolwennblg | A religious procession going on in Achadinha
@nolwennblg | A religious procession going on in Achadinha

Walk to the magical Poço Azul in the morning and enjoy the local festivities after. You will discover local artists, stroll by the decorated streets, and even shop at a bazaar.

Fauna & Flora

While visiting Poço Azul, you will be able to spot several species of birds but also if you are lucky you might cross the path of a rabbit or two. 

Anxo Cao | An Azores Bullfinch, Priolo
Anxo Cao | An Azores Bullfinch, Priolo

Poço Azul is located near the Tronqueira forest, home to one of Europe’s rarest birds: the Azores Bullfinch (Priolo). So open your eyes and look up for some beautiful wildlife.

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What to do at Poço Azul

Poço Azul is a beautiful place to spend half a day exploring nature, exercising outdoors, and enjoying the quiet. We will see the different possibilities to visit the famous blue lagoon of the Azores.

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Hike the trail to Poço Azul

You can venture to Poço Azul only or take this opportunity to do longer hikes. Indeed, the beautiful lagoon can be encountered through 3 different hikes:

@christoph_aussieker | Hiking to Poço Azul
@christoph_aussieker | Hiking to Poço Azul
  • Poço Azul Trail: About 30 minutes, 1.3km. Begin by the historical standard of Alminhas in the center of Achadinha. You will find indications to follow in order to go to Poço Azul. On the way, you will also have a view of the ocean. This is the easiest and shortest option.
  • Terras do Nosso Senhor Trail: About 2h, 4km. On this trail, you will not only see Poço Azul but also many landscapes that you cannot encounter on the first trail. The departure point is the same as the one mentioned for the first trail.
  • Padrão das Alminhas Trail: About 2.5h, 5km. This is the most complete hike in terms of the variety of landscapes. It links Achadinha and Salga towns, passing by beautiful landmarks such as the coast, a water stream, waterfalls, or the beach. The trail begins at the historical standard of Alminhas, then passes by the Cultural House of João Melo before heading towards Poço Azul. Dare to cross the wooden bridge and you will be rewarded with Salto da Farinha, a 40-meter waterfall. To finish the hike, at the beach you will find a small swimming pool where you can swim in if the ocean is too rough.

Chase the waterfalls

If you venture a bit further Poço Azul, you will find beautiful (and rather small) waterfalls. As the area is crossed by several water channels like Ribeira do Cachaço and Ribeira das Coelhas, it is possible to follow the water a bit and stumble upon many cute tiny waterfalls. They are definitely not as popular as the Blue lagoon, which makes them the perfect spot for pictures without too many people on them.

@barba_expedition | A waterfall by Poço Azul
@barba_expedition | A waterfall by Poço Azul

Take a dip

For the bravest souls, you can always take a dip in Poço Azul or in the waterfalls around. However, note that the water is quite cold and that none of these areas are controlled or supervised by lifeguards.

Best time to visit Poço Azul

The trails to Poço Azul are open all year round, so you can technically decide to go at any time of the year. Let’s see what are the differences between seasons and also the best time of the day to go to the ‘blue well’. 

Best season

Going with good weather is always much nicer. The sunniest days in the Azores happen during the summertime, however, it is also the high season for tourism so you might not be alone to admire the natural beauty of Poço Azul. 

Bruno Azera | Floating at Poço Azul
Bruno Azera | Floating at Poço Azul

Moreover, as the pond is located in the valley created by the river, you can notice a significant difference in the amount of water during the winter and summer. In fact, in the summertime, there is less water, and the small lagoon is dryer than in the wintertime.

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Best time of the day

Poço Azul is quite popular among tourists. So, in order to enjoy the peaceful scenery, it is better to go early in the morning, during lunchtime, or at the end of the day. If you want to get a warmer temperature to gain some courage and swim in the fresh waters, then mid-day is a good time to go if the weather is good.

Plan your visit to Poço Azul

Now, let’s see how to get to the beautiful Poço Azul and everything else you need to know before your visit.

How to get to Poço Azul

There are several ways to get to Achadinha, where the trail toward Poço Azul starts. 

@r.s.mota | Wonderful Poço Azul, São Miguel island
@r.s.mota | Wonderful Poço Azul, São Miguel island

The first, and the most practical way, is by car. You can also grab a cab but depending on where you are departing from, the price can be high. 

Then, there are also some buses that pass by Achadinha with the line going to Nordeste, although they take more time to travel there and the public transport network can be a bit confusing. 

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Once you are in the town of Achadinha, there is no other way to go to Poço Azul than walking as there is no concrete road access. Start by the Historical Standard of Alminhas (Padrão Histórico das Alminhas). Then you only need to choose one of the 3 trails mentioned above.

If you are traveling with kids or elder people

The trail is mostly in good condition during the drier days. If it has been raining on the preceding days, then it is likely covered in mud. Just remember to be careful while on the trail and always bring appropriate material with you.

What to bring

A waterproof rainjacket is a must-have for a holiday in the Azores as we can get the four seasons in a day. You should bring it with you everywhere you go in order to stay dry. 

Álvaro RP | A warm jacket is a good idea to bring while hiking to Poço Azul, mostly in the wintertime
Álvaro RP | A warm jacket is a good idea to bring while hiking to Poço Azul, mostly in the wintertime

Also, hiking shoes are essential to have a good grip and not fall if the ground is wet.

Last but not least, if you want to swim in the lagoon, don’t forget your swimming suit and towel!

Where to eat near Poço Azul

If you need a place to eat near Poço Azul, click here. In this link, you will find the Top 10 restaurants on Tripadvisor.

Where to Stay near Poço Azul

In order to make it easier for you, we already filtered the search on:

Useful Tools & Apps

The weather in the Azores is quite unpredictable. For this reason, there is a very useful tool you can use before going to visit any place on the 9 islands: Spotazores. Thanks to cameras installed in many spots, you can see the real-time weather and decide where to go.

In order to check the weather forecast for the next few days, use Windy or Windguru, they are the most accurate sites.

Pro Tips

This tip is very important. Your best chance to see the blue lagoon actually blue is to go on a sunny day. When the weather is too cloudy, it will appear grey or brownish. Not so good for the pictures!

Another logical statement is to enjoy being so far from the center of the island to visit the surrounding area: Nordeste. This is definitely one of the prettiest regions of São Miguel island with many wonderful places to explore.

What to do around Poço Azul

There are many things to do in the northeastern part of São Miguel. From picturesque little towns to the tallest waterfalls, magical hikes to adventurous canyoning, your day will be filled with emotions. 

Visit the town of Nordeste

Nordeste is a small town by the ocean. On the way there, you can find iconic viewpoints like Ponta do Sossego, quiet black sand beaches like Praia do Lombo Gordo, and also the photogenic lighthouse of Arnel, the first one ever built in the archipelago. Enjoy the great views over the ocean and the sympathy of the locals of Nordeste.

David Rodrigues | The old 7 arches bridge in Nordeste town
David Rodrigues | The old 7 arches bridge in Nordeste town
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Go to Salto da Farinha

Located in the middle of a lush forest, the 40-meter waterfall Salto da Farinha can be seen via a viewpoint in Salga or a trail. For an incredible sight worthy of a Jurassic Park movie, you should definitely go there after rainy days in order to see the waterfall with more water.

David Rodrigues | A drone view of Salto da Farinha
David Rodrigues | A drone view of Salto da Farinha

Right next to the waterfall is a picnic area, and also access to the ocean where you can swim if the weather conditions are good.

Hike Moinho do Félix

If you are a hiking lover and you want another great hiking experience near Poço Azul, then Moinho do Félix is a great spot. On this 2-hour roundtrip trail, you will be immersed in the forest and find many waterfalls. It is located in the neighboring village of Lomba de São Pedro.

Álvaro RP | Passing behind the waterfall at Moinho do Félix
Álvaro RP | Passing behind the waterfall at Moinho do Félix
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Stop at Ribeira dos Caldeirões

Ribeira dos Caldeirões park is very popular among tourists who love chasing waterfalls and local families who want to spend a good afternoon surrounded by nature. Take a stroll along the river, visit the open-air museum, photograph the countless waterfalls or taste the local ice cream at the shop. For those who want more sensations, then take a canyoning tour to jump, slide, zipline, and rappel down the waterfalls.

David Rodrigues | One of the beautiful waterfalls at Ribeira dos Caldeirões park
David Rodrigues | One of the beautiful waterfalls at Ribeira dos Caldeirões park
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Video of poço Azul

Off to Marvelous Places | Hiking to Poço Azul

Complementary Info

Cultural Agenda in São Miguel Island

Terceira island has a lot of cultural events to offer year-round. You can check the complete upcoming events list on the following link. View the Agenda!

How to get to São Miguel island

There are many different ways that travelers can get to São Miguel island by plane. The main entrance points are via Lisbon and Oporto (on the mainland) but there are already many direct routes.

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The best way to find a flight that works for you is to use a flight search engine like eDreams or Skyscanner. As you may already know, these websites allow you to compare prices and schedules from multiple airlines all in one place.

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Once you’ve found a flight that works for you, all you need to do is book it! And then, in just a few short hours, you’ll be on your way to one of the most beautiful archipelagos in the world.


As you might have understood already, a visit to Poço Azul is a must during your stay in the Azores. Not only because it is a wonderful spot but also because its location is perfect to visit other wonders nearby in the Northeastern part of São Miguel island.


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