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The Guardians of The Azores: Highlighted in Newsweek

Blog » Planet » The Guardians of The Azores: Highlighted in Newsweek

One of the most prestigious reviews in the world, the North American Newsweek, published news about impactful citizen science trips. And, among the selected activities, is Guardians of the Azores – a project designed, developed, and financed by Futurismo!

In this article, we explain all the most important aspects of this news and our Guardians of the Azores project.


Space tourism is here. But it had great repercussions around the world against these trips. In this sequence, Newsweek published a specific article about what should be tourism’s top priority.

Above all, they suggest that the priority should be citizen science trips that will make a big positive impact on Earth.
Guardians of the Azores | Example of the kind of trash that is collected during our cleanup actions.

For instance, the article refers that trips with a positive impact and linked to science have been increasing in popularity.

In addition, they allow tourists to work closely with scientists, researchers, on different projects. 

Similarly, Futurismo, throughout the years, has been creating and developing different activities and projects of environmental and social impact. And has been doing these by itself or with partners

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The Guardians of The Azores Project by Futurismo

This project was born precisely to raise awareness among families, especially the younger generations, that we only have one Planet.

Therefore, our duty is to take care of nature and the sustainability of our world. Preferably for a better world, with less pollution.

Guardians of the Azores | Photo of young kids side by side with our Guide on a cleanup event.
Guardians of the Azores | A member of our team grabbing trash on one of a cleanup event.

Guardians of the Azores Goals

With Guardians of the Azores, we intend to involve children, to:

  • contribute to the structuring of their critical reasoning about the world around them
  • and their connection to the environment, through an enhanced civic sense

In short, we encourage families to clean up the coast, on beaches, on trails, wherever they want. As a result so, Futurismo offers responsible whale watching experiences.

Guardians of the Azores Fundamentals

The Guardians of the Azores project is based on the informed, conscious and voluntary participation of Azorean citizens.

Guardians of the Azores | A member of our team showing some of our scientific material to a young girl after a cleanup event.
Guardians of the Azores | One of our Marine Biologist guides presenting info about sighting species on our whale watching tours.

Above all, they are expected to contribute to the creation of scientific knowledge and to a greener, more sustainable planet.

And together we are sure that we are doing good, leaving the Azores cleaner.

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The Newsweek article

The magazine compares the Guardians of the Azores to:

  • the investigation of snow leopards in Kyrgyzstan;
  • the reintroduction of the pangolin – the most trafficked animal in the world – in South Africa;
  • or to the great challenge of being the next climate action champion on an expedition to Antarctica.

In short, all of these trips aim to make a positive impact on the planet during an adventure. And it is also what the Guardians of the Azores project seek to be.

Discover this oasis of sea life, for both for scientists, specimens, and enthusiasts!

To sum up, by encouraging citizens to collect garbage from the environment:

  • they contribute to a scientific report on the type of garbage collected
  • and join our team of marine biologists in an unforgettable experience of responsible whale watching.
Our marine biologist guides talking to a young girl.


In conclusion, it is an honor for Futurismo to be mentioned in such a prestigious magazine. And among such impactful projects, from all over the world.

This demonstrates that our vision and work are recognized. And that it is the path that we must continue to follow.

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