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Futurismo continues to invest on its human resources

Blog » People » Futurismo continues to invest on its human resources

Given the company’s vision for our future and the need for constant improvement and evolution, we continue to bet on our employees. At the moment we have 21 employees in professional training, at the total expense of the company.

Training Sea Experiences Team

In Matosinhos, 9 of our colleagues, among skippers and marine biologists, are in face-to-face training in the 2nd class Sailor course, whose online classes have already begun in January at the Professional Training Center for Fisheries and the Sea. See more photos of the School of the Azores Sea.

Between Ponta Delgada and Horta, we have two colleagues to take the Sailor-Machinist course, which began in February and will extend until May, at the Azores Sea School, in Horta, Faial Island.

Training Land Experiences Team

In recent days, in Ponta Delgada, our land guides have started the face-to-face component of a course dedicated to interpretation in tourism. A technique to maximize the impact of our experiences on all who choose us, but not least, of valuing the material and intangible heritage of the Azores. After the face-to-face phase, it follows a phase of reflection and creation of new ideas for the experiences we offer.

Álvaro RP | Video of monitoring the training with the land guides of Futurismo

A high financial investment, which is added to the personal commitment of all participants, but which proves futurism’s commitment and effort in training employees for continuous differentiation and training in our areas of action.

Sandrina Rodrigues