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Kayaking & SUP

Kayaking through the gorgeous surroundings of the rich diversity lagoons, enjoy a new perspective of their margins, of the grove, and the sky reflected in the water.

About Kayaking & SUP

Find solace in listening to the birds chirping and enjoy the peacefulness of the moment, and make sure you capture it with your camera this unforgettable experience.

Sete Cidades is a volcanic complex where you can visit several lakes. Inside one of the craters, you can find two lakes, known as Lagoa Verde (green lake) and Lagoa Azul (blue lake), that feature in a legendary love legend about the lake’s creation.

This special place was elected as one of the country’s seven natural wonders and once you are there, you will definitely understand why.

The contrast of colors between the two mysterious lakes is mesmerizing, and being on the water, in the middle of the volcanic crater, will give you a different perspective of the high green cliffs around.

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Relax or Active mode? You choose.

In Sete Cidades, many adventure activities are possible like kayaking and stand-up paddling. These exciting experiences are possible with us from our activity center!

Kayaking and paddling on Sete Cidades lake in São Miguel island is a unique experience to enjoy on your own or to share with your family and friends, the way you want it.

For more adrenaline, try a race against your friends on the clear waters of the lake, pass under the bridge separating the two lakes, or try yoga poses on the board without falling in the water!

For a relaxing experience, simply enjoy the sounds of nature around you, paddling calmly on the quiet waters of Sete Cidades.

Good place to start

If your are a beginner at nautical sports, Sete Cidades lakes are perfect to start learning!

The high rims of the volcanic crater prevent the wind to enter the area, meaning that there are small or no waves at all. So this magical and quiet place is ideal for kayak and stand-up paddle beginners.

Plus, our expert guides will help you to get used to the practice and give you some tips about how to be comfortable and have some fun. Just grab the paddles and zoom on the water, you’re good to go!

Our comfy activity center

At our activity center on the edge of the lake, we have modern equipment to enjoy one of the most beautiful places of Portugal from a new perspective. You will find us on the rim of the blue lake, the bigger one near from the town of Sete Cidades.

There, our friendly guides will welcome you and explain everything you need to know about the activities we offer.

At our activity center with a wonderful view on the lakes, there is a restroom with showers if you need to get changed.

Best staff ever

Our professional guides are not only friendly, they are also experts in their activity. They are passionate about nature and they know everything about the Azores islands.

Our staff is always available to help you and to make you feel home. They will be happy to share tips with you about the island and the activities e offer at Futurismo.

Don’t hesitate to have a chat with them when there is an opportunity, they have so much to offer.

Why Futurismo

  • 100+ Breathtaking experiences

    Venture beyond the extraordinary. Unrivaled adventure

  • Azores Travel Experts

    Largest tour operator in the Azores with 30 years of experience

  • Environmental Education

    At Futurismo, we think that educating and raising awareness among the young ones is very important for the future

  • Friendly Help

    We’re here to make your experience incredible. Reach us by phone, email, or WhatsApp

  • Helping Social Solidarity Institutions

    Apart from being a responsible tour operator, we also have a social commitment with many local organizations

  • Tours Kayaking & SUP in Azores

    The Basics

    Can I take my camera with me during this activity?

    Yes, but be aware your material will be under your responsibility. Waterproof cameras are also interesting for underwater shootings.

    I have never done Stand Up Paddle/kayak before, is it a problem?

    No, paddling and kayaking on Sete Cidades lake are relatively easy and safe.

    Is kayaking and SUP a good exercise?

    It is a fun activity. You can practice yoga poses on the stand-up paddle board and do some work out for your arms, paddling in the kayak.

    What is Kayaking and Stand Up Paddle?

    Kayaking is navigating seated on a small rigid boat with paddles. In our case, it takes place on a lake. Stand up Paddling is done standing up or on the knees on a big board with a paddle to navigate.

    The Experience

    Paddle in one of Portugal’s seven wonders

    Sete Cidades is probably the best lake on which you can paddle a kayak or a stand-up board. It has been elected as one of the country’s most beautiful places. Why? Well, put a two-colored lake (blue and green), inside a volcanic crater with high green « walls »  all around, and roads filled with deep blue hydrangeas. That is Sete Cidades.

    Stay active

    You know the quote « an hour of kayak a day keeps the doctor away »? Ok, we might have invented that one… But kayaking and stand up paddling can only benefit you, and your arms. No need for that gym subscription every month, just come and work out on the water!

    Discover a fun activity

    Who knows, maybe you will find your passion in kayaking or stand top paddling! Those are really fun activities and you can discover the lake from another perspective. Pass under the bridge separating the two different colors, have a closer look at the algae creating the green color of the smaller lake, and most importantly, enjoy the views around.

    Need some help?

    At our activity center, our helpful guides are here to explain everything you need to know before going on the water.

    They will give you all the necessary equipment as well as some tips to feel comfortable and have fun doing the activity. They will also be here to help you for your first minutes on the lake.

    Incredible landscapes

    There is no better place to do this activity, than Sete Cidades. The lake is quiet, there are small or even no waves at all, depending on the wind.

    Not to mention the amazing natural scenery of this lake inside a lush green volcanic crater. Don’t forget to take a waterproof camera with you!

    Listen to nature

    Far away from the non-stop noises of the city, there you will be at one with nature. Listen to birds singing, fishes jumping and the sound of the wind as it touches the water.

    This will be a relaxing day for sure. Take a break from our modern world and enjoy nature’s sounds.

    Fully equipped activity center

    After your experience on the lake, you can take a shower and change your clothes at our activity center, so you don’t have to worry too much about getting wet during your experience.

    1. Find the perfect tour for you and book it

    Choose between our 60+ spectacular activities on the amazing Azores and book it online or in any of our stores.

    2. Email confirmation

    Receive a confirmation email with the reservation details.

    3. “The Day”

    Enjoy your experience with us. We will be pleased to welcome you and to make your tour the most fullfilling and memorable to you.

    Note: Unexpected limitations

    Keep calm. You can cancel absolutely for free your bookings until 48h before the activity date*and, if the weather conditions don’t allow us to do the activity safely, we’ll cancel it and contact you suggesting an alternative date or provide a full refund.

    * Check the Cancelations Policy within every tour page for additional info

    Plan your Kayaking & SUP tour

    What’s included in this Activity?

    Every program has a detailed “What’s Included” section right after the tour description. Please check it out

    Is there anything I need to bring with me for this tour?

    Please check the “What to bring” section on each tour program. There you’ll find all the recommendations we have for you, specifically for that program.

    Do I need to know how to swim in order to book this tour?

    Knowing how to swim is recommended for kayak however not mandatory. For stand-up paddle, it is mandatory for safety reasons.

    I am pregnant but I would like to do this activity. Is it possible?

    It is not a dangerous activity for pregnant women but we recommend that you consult your physician first.

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    F.A.Q.s about Kayaking & SUP

    Are the Azores a good place for Kayaking & SUP?

    Sete Cidades lake is a beautiful location to paddle, in addition to being an easy place to start due to small or no waves at all.

    Are the stand up paddle boards stable?

    Stand Up Paddles are less stable than kayaks. It is more likely that you will fall into the water. However, some people manage to stay on the board for the whole trip.

    Can I cancel my tour reservation and have a full refund?

    Yes, you can check our detailed cancellation and refund policies per tour on each tour page, under “Good to Know” section

    Can I fall into the water?

    Our kayaks are pretty stable, it is more probable to fall on a stand-up paddle board

    Do I have to wear the life jacket even if I know how to swim?

    Yes, life jackets are mandatory for everyone for safety reasons.

    How can I book this activity?

    You can select any tour within our website and get your booking confirmation on your email immediately. Alternativelly, you can visit us on our shops or get in touch with us by phone, email or send us a message on social media (Instagram and Facebook)

    What if the weather isn’t ok?

    If the weather doesn’t allow to do this activity safely, we will cancel it and suggest na alternative date.

    What is the minimum number of participants?

    Please check the minimum number of participant for each tour inside the program’s page.

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