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Cultural Tours

Heritage, History, and ancestry absorb the best of the Azorean culture

About Cultural Tours

From magic tales to the intensity of the people or the splendor of the monuments.

An adventure of the senses, a vortex of tastes, and a treat for the soul! Get excited with the heroes, cheer to life, and live with no reservations!

Join us for another type of experience during your vacation on the island of São Miguel. With us, you will discover beautiful landscapes, but you will also learn more about the history of the islands of the Azores.

Our cultural tourism tours take you to visit the most interesting points. In São Miguel, Ponta Delgada, for example, is a great city for walking, especially in the downtown area where there are historical and contemporary sites not to be missed. And with the help of our guide, you will know and know curiosities that are not in the tour guides!

We take a walking tour of the city where we highlight several churches, museums, the Mercado da Graça, where you can buy fresh Azorean products every day, and beautiful gardens.

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Azorean culture

Campo de São Francisco, in Ponta Delgada, is where one of the biggest religious festivities in Portugal takes place: the famous cult of Santo Cristo dos Milagres. His image is found in the Convent of Nossa Senhora da Esperança. It is a celebration full of colors, devotion, and music with thousands of people, many emigrants from the USA and Canada, who travel to the island of São Miguel for this special event.

Every year, on the fifth Sunday after Easter, the highlight is the procession through the streets covered with carpets of colored wood shavings. Discover more about the Azorean traditions and festivals with us.

We also take you to experience the Azorean past at the Oficina-Museu in the village of Capelas, in São Miguel. It is an exhibition of Azorean culture and over 40 traditional arts and crafts can be found there. It is a true return to our roots. A passage in time and how the professions of our people were, from blacksmiths to carpenters, whalers who survived thanks to whale hunting, as well as distilleries, schools, among many other works represented by original objects from the last century.

Visit Pineapple Plantations

Sweet with moderate acidity, a very pleasant aroma, yellow and juicy pulp. So is the pineapple from the Azores, one of the best-known products in our archipelago.

The largest production areas are found in the South of São Miguel island in greenhouses. Also known as the king fruit of the Azores, it has specific characteristics due to the way it is produced over two years, from planting to harvesting.

A visit to the pineapple plantations is mandatory here in the Azores!

Ancestral vines

On the island of São Miguel, much of the vineyard is still hand-worked. This property with more than 30 years of history and an extension of five hectares of wine production will leave you speechless. It is the culmination of a decade of work and dedication.

The ancestral vineyards we are talking about are located in Fenais da Luz, on the north coast of São Miguel, where most of the island’s wine is produced.

Enter an exciting tour of enology, and delight yourself with a tasting of award-winning wines.

Why Futurismo

  • Azores Travel Experts

    Largest tour operator in the Azores with 30 years of experience

  • Environmental Education

    At Futurismo, we think that educating and raising awareness among the young ones is very important for the future

  • Friendly Help

    We’re here to make your experience incredible. Reach us by phone, email, or WhatsApp

  • Helping Social Solidarity Institutions

    Apart from being a responsible tour operator, we also have a social commitment with many local organizations

  • The Basics

    Are the Azores a good cultural destination?

    Yes, our culture is very rich, there are many things to see. There are several historical monuments in Ponta Delgada city such as museums and churches.

    Can I cancel my tour reservation and have a full refund?

    Yes, you can check our detailed cancellation and refund policies per tour on each tour page, under “Good to Know” section

    I travel with children and/or seniors. Is this activity indicated for families?

    Yes, this activity is suitable for everyone. Please check the minimum age per tour.

    What is the best season to do Cultural tours in the Azores?

    It just has to be sunny enough to be able to have a nice walk outside.

    The Experience

    If your goal is to get to know the Azorean culture, learn about the main historical monuments in the city of Ponta Delgada, and to travel in groups, our activity of various cultural experiences is a good choice. Mainly, join in your vacation package a whale watching trip in São Miguel. So, you get a general idea of ​​the island’s tourist attractions and even enjoy a trip at sea to see dolphins and whales on board a large and stable boat, perfect for all ages and one of the activities that should be on your list!

    If you also like gastronomy, you are a fan of pineapples and you have a winemaker inside, then don’t think more and book one of our programs included in this cultural tourism activity.

    The best of Azorean Culture

    Join us for another type of experience during your vacation on the island of São Miguel. With us, you will discover beautiful landscapes, but you will also learn more about Azorean history and culture.

    Ponta Delgada City Tour

    Choose the “city tour” in the modern and flat Ponta Delgada in a pleasant walking experience, full of knowledge about the largest city in the archipelago.

    Pineapple Greenhouses and Coal Cave

    If in addition to visiting the most interesting spots you also want to visit the pineapple plantations and visit the Gruta do Carvão – a geological formation of volcanic origin located in the west of Ponta Delgada – we also have this offer available to you!

    Wine Tour

    For a totally relaxing and personalized tour on enology, the best option is our wine tasting tour in the Fenais da Luz parish, where most of São Miguel’s wine is produced.

    1. Find the perfect tour for you and book it

    Choose between our 60+ spectacular activities on the amazing Azores and book it online or in any of our stores.

    2. Email confirmation

    Receive a confirmation email with the reservation details.

    3. “The Day”

    Enjoy your experience with us. We will be pleased to welcome you and to make your tour the most fullfilling and memorable to you.

    Note: Unexpected limitations

    Keep calm. You can cancel absolutely for free your bookings until 48h before the activity date*and, if the weather conditions don’t allow us to do the activity safely, we’ll cancel it and contact you suggesting an alternative date or provide a full refund.

    * Check the Cancelations Policy within every tour page for additional info

    Plan your Cultural Tours tour

    What’s included in this Activity?

    Every program has a detailed “What’s Included” section right after the tour description. Please check it out

    Is there anything I need to bring with me for this tour?

    Please check the “What to bring” section on each tour program. There you’ll find all the recommendations we have for you, specifically for that program.

    What to wear on a Cultural Tour?

    We recommend to wear comfortable light clothes and shoes, and bring a waterproof raincoat.

    What happens if any a monument is closed? Is it replaced?

    Whenever a visit is not possible to fulfil due to monument closure, it will be replaced by another when possible

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    F.A.Q.s about Cultural Tours

    Are there any pickup and drop off locations I can use?

    Yes, please check the Departure and Return section presented on every tour.

    Can I take my camera with me during this activity?

    Yes, but be aware that your material will be under your responsability.

    How can I book this activity?

    You can select any tour within our website and get your booking confirmation on your email immediately. Alternativelly, you can visit us on our shops or get in touch with us by phone, email or send us a message on social media (Instagram and Facebook)

    Is this an adventure kind of tour?

    It is a great adventure, but not physically demanding.

    What if the weather isn’t ok?

    If the weather doesn’t allow to do this activity safely, we will cancel it and suggest na alternative date.

    What is the minimum number of participants?

    Please check the minimum number of participant for each tour inside the program’s page.

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