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About Us

Futurismo Azores Adventures is the leader in adventure tourism in the Azores archipelago. We are a family-owned company, with a friendly multicultural and multilingual staff.

We are also passionate about what we do and can’t wait to show you the beauty of our islands on various amazing adventures.

The Future's Trilogy

Explore, Love and Protect

30 years on from the creation , we keep standing for our initial mission, at this crossroad of routes of formidable species, where nature is at its best and life forms in their purest revelation. Based on a team of biologists, Futurismo is a cradle for many investigators from many countries across the globe.

We bet our mission on sustainability, and on the ability to explore and present one of the astonishing treasures of our living planet.

Because, if we decided to live something,
we better live it intensely!

Our Journey

For the past 30 years, we have been dreaming of wildlife in vibrant blues and green hues.

What began as a man's sole purpose became a great family of enthusiastic and qualified people with a daily mission - protect marine life and the environment through science and advocacy while providing you refreshing memories and superb customer service.

Throughout the years, our family-run company aspires to a better future, a green one. Based on freedom, unspoiled environments, and thriving wildlife.

Therefore,  we continue to innovate and expand our services focused on sustainable practices with minimal environmental impact in the places where we operate.

As conservation and cultural heritage are at the heart of everything we do, we actively conduct research during our tours as part of the guest experience.

Just as we strive to raise awareness, inform, inspire and empower not just our guests but the local community into becoming vivid advocates.

Join our efforts to promote conservation and responsible tourism on one of our life-altering tour experiences.


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Adventure awaits!

Join us for amazing holidays full of outdoor
adventures in the Azores Islands.

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