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Secret, authentic & inspiring Azores

Experience the most immersive cultural and wilderness explorations in a unique and fascinating scenery

Tripadvisor Travelers’ Choice 2021
For the 9th year in a row, Futurismo was distinguished as one of the "10% Best Attractions in the World"
WCA Certified
We are certified by the World Cetacean Alliance (WCA), the world’s largest marine conservation organization
Cetacean Sighting Guaranteed
We don’t stop at a 98% success rate on our Whale Watching Tours. Additional tours offered until you see them
Investigating the Atlantic for 30 Years
With over 21.000+ sighting records, we collaborate in investigations for 20+ international universities

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Multicultural Team
Our guides speak several languages, including English, Spanish, French and German.
Helping Social Solidarity Institutions
Apart from being a responsible tour operator, we also have a social commitment with many local organizations
Environmental Education
At Futurismo, we think that educating and raising awareness among the young ones is very important for the future
Best Fleet in the Azores
From Catamarans, Zodiacs, Jeeps, Vans and so on, we guarantee the best vehicle for you to have an unforgettable experience

Our Best Sellers

Witness unique and intimate face-to-face encounters with fascinating
wild animals... or venture into the heart of a volcano and their
lava-formed landscapes discovering their hidden secrets

Popular Multi-Day Tours

One of the best ways to discover more about your destination
is with a multi-day tour full of adventures.


Whether you’re a birder, a diver or a volcano enthusiast, we offer you a range of awe-inspiring tours in the mystical Azorean islands, sanctuary for some of the most spectacular and charismatic creatures on Earth

Nature Is the Centerpiece of Our Dreams

With over 21000 cetacean sighting records, we helped creating and are certified by the largest Whale Watching authorities on the planet… But we believe we still have a lot more to discover about these enchanted animals and islands we live in.

We celebrate the wild nature, science, and Azorean culture, bringing you face-to-face with heart-pounding action. Visit fascinating creatures in their midst and explore the magical Azorean Islands, discovering their hidden secrets.

Our journey just begun.

We Care

What we stand for


We believe that your adventures should go beyond photos and memories. We offer an authentic and educational experience. It is in the awareness of our clients and the community that we navigate towards conservation.

Responsible Tourism

Apart from the monthly coastal cleaning actions, we encourage our guests to not leave anything behind but footprints.

Science & Research

We are on a constant journey to learn about resident and migratory species that cross our seas. We are keen to involve you in this data collection and dissemination cycle as part of your onboard experience.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Are the Azores a good destination to swim with dolphins?

Yes, we have several resident species all year round in addition to migratory species during the summertime. Moreover, the sea temperatures are always acceptable.

Are the Azores a good whale watching destination?

The Azores are a great whale watching destination, probably one of the best in the whole world. We have sperm whales all year round. Being in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, lots of cetacean species pass by our islands during their annual migration.

How long is a Whale Watching tour?

Please check each tour duration info.

How should I choose the perfect boat for my tour?

Are you an adventure and adrenaline seeker? Do you want to feel closer to the animals and don’t mind getting a bit wet with the waves of the ocean?
Then, you will have a lot of fun on our zodiac boats.
We will take you on a fast and splashy trip in the search for cetaceans, travelling close to the action right that erupts on the water surface
If, on the other hand, if you are traveling with babies, children or people with less mobility, or just want a more comfortable trip, then our our catamarans are your best choice.
They are bigger, more stable boats, with a bathroom on board and provide an extraordinary visibility from above over the magestic creatures in the sea.

Are the Azores a good cultural destination?

Yes, our culture is very rich, there are many things to see. There are several historical monuments in Ponta Delgada city such as museums and churches.

Is it safe to swim with dolphins?

Yes. We make sure every security aspect is covered.

Is Canyoning dangerous?

No, our guides will be with you. We make sure every security aspect is covered.

What is the best season to do Whale Watching in the Azores?

All year-round, we have sperm whales and several dolphin species. If you want to see the biggest whales in the world, the best season for whale and dolphin watching in the Azores is Springtime – March to June.
During this time of the year, baleen whales are migrating and passing by our waters. Thus, it is possible to see blue whales, fin whales, and sei whales among others.
The summertime is also ideal to spot pilot whales, beaked whales, or spotted dolphins for example.

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